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Calle 51 No 5 - 56 Chapinero 
Nuevo +57 1 288 02 03
 +57 1 338 1226
  Bogota Colombia


  Av Balboa, Edificio Plaza 
  (507) 263 3087
  (507) 263 3724


Av. Aramburu No 920 OF 202 
  San Isidro
  (511) 421-6165/222-6102
992724084 / 992722730
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Noticias - El Mundo al instante

article thumbnailEl mundo Al instante - GeomáticaPaving the Way for Self-driving Cars

The Impressive Contribution of Geomatics to Autonomous Driving Since Karl Benz was granted a patent for his first internal combustion engine in 1879, the automotive industry has changed substantially. Or has it? The main principle remains the same: cars still have four wheels, a petrol- or diesel-powered engine – electric cars are still underrepresented and so far there are just a few hydrogen cars publicly available in select markets – and they still need to [ ... ]

article thumbnailEl mundo Al instante - GeomáticaExtracting More Value from Lidar Data

BayesMap Solutions The company BayesMap Solutions was established in October 2014 with the objective to provide unique consulting and software development services for the airborne Lidar industry. The main focus is data processing, providing fast and effective solutions to challenging problems. The company helps clients extract a maximum of information from large and complex datasets and to significantly increase the accuracy of data and derived products. [ ... ]

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