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Calle 51 No 5 - 56 Chapinero 
Nuevo +57 1 338 01 88
 +57 1 338 1226
  Bogota Colombia


  Av Balboa, Edificio Plaza 
  (507) 263 3087
  (507) 263 3724


Av. Aramburu No 920 OF 202 
  San Isidro
  (511) 421-6165/222-6102
992724084 / 992722730
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Noticias - El Mundo al instante

article thumbnailEl mundo Al instante - Geomática14 Galileo satellites now in orbit

The Galileo satellite navigation system that will help Europe find its way in the 21st century now has 14 satellites in orbit after today’s double launch.

Galileos 13 and 14 lifted off together at 08:48 GMT (10:48 CEST, 05:48 local time) atop a Soyuz rocket from French Guiana.

This seventh Galileo launch went by the book: the first three Soyuz stages placed the satellites safely into low orbit, after which their Fregat upper stage hauled them the rest of the way into their target medium-altitu [ ... ]

article thumbnailEl mundo Al instante - GeomáticaParallel Computing in Photogrammetry

Seamless Orthomosaic Creation from Massive Imagery         The race between data production and processing capacity has been going on for many decades, with data production usually on the winning team. This is also true for airborne and space-borne imagery, as the amount of images captured by satellite sensors and aerial cameras is growing not only steadily but also rapidly. How can the abundance of pixels be processed into photogrammetric products  [ ... ]

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