AKOYA un avión anfibio extraordinario

El Akoya es un revolucionario ultraliviano deportivo, anfibio, de dos puestos, ideal para los amantes de la aviación y la naturaleza.



High range airplane The AKOYA was developed with the aim to offer a totally different product on the market for light airplanes, combining high performance, comfort, design and energy savings while providing maximum freedom.

LISA Airplanes has chosen the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) classification created in 2005 in the US and recently adopted in Europe. This new class lies between the ultralight and certified aviation. The LSA category is spreading in many countries. LISA Airplanes chose this classification for freedom and comfort of pilots, allowing them to benefit from many technological innovations. Yet it claims a special place, justified by the versatility, performance and comfort of AKOYA which are far superior to other LSA.

AKOYA concentrates many assets which make it different from any other aircraft. Recognizable by its design, AKOYA is a unique mean of transport. It can take-off and land on land, water and snow with the same ease. This is the Multi-Access Concept.

Entirely made of composite materials and aeronautics metallic alloys, the fine lines of AKOYA and its light weight offer outstanding aerodynamics performance.



Multi-Access: Water, land and snow The patented Multi-Access technology enables the AKOYA to land with the same agility on water, land or snow without any prior modification of the aircraft. This unique innovation is based on a combination of retractable landing gear, Seafoils and Skis-in.

Thus, for those who possess an AKOYA, taking-off near your yacht, flying to your private property, or changing direction mid-flight and visiting snowy surfaces is now possible.

AKOYA brings flying lovers and water enthusiasts together. The Multi-Access guarantees a real pleasure to pilots. AKOYA’s innovative configuration was imagined to respect increasing desires of flexibility and liberty.


Unlike the convential «boat-looking» amphibious airplanes, the Seafoils technology - wing- like structures under the fuselage that provide lift - lifts the fuselage out of the water at very low speed and dispenses with the need for a step or hull. The airplane can accelerate and take off over short distances while keeping good stability and maneuverability. 

Retractable landing gear equipped with Skis-in AKOYA’s retractable landing gear is equipped with skis. In flight, the pilot can choose to land on dry or snow surfaces with safety and easiness. No previous handling is required and AKOYA keeps its in-flight performance. Besides, the AKOYA can land on airports as well as private runways thanks to its performance and the LSA regulation.

Folding wings The AKOYA features power-assisted pivoting wings. This system allows the storage of AKOYA in the garage of a home or on a yacht.

A range of 2,000 km - 1,250 miles

Coupled with Multi-Access, AKOYA’s 2000 km of autonomy, offers its passengers a wide range of possible destinations. Perhaps therein lies the main constraint of the owner of an AKOYA: choose his next destination!



A light and aerodynamic framework

The AKOYA’s smooth and flowing lines were engineered for better aerodynamics. Its carbon frame is both strong and very lightweight. These features give the AKOYA a very good performance.

Excellent fuel economy

Thanks to the aerodynamic characteristics of the airframe, the AKOYA uses only 11L/h at an economical cruising speed of 100 knots, being 5,6L/100km. At equivalent speed, the AKOYA consumes up to 2 times less fuel than its competitors.

An “all terrain” plane for performance without compromise

Unlike other seaplanes and amphibious aircraft, the AKOYA is equipped with Seafoils that do not affect the aerodynamics of the aircraft. So the AKOYA becomes the first aircraft that’s both agile on the water and fast in the air.


Besides its performance and innovations the esthetics of AKOYA seduces immediately. LISA Airplanes pays particular attention to the design and develops a catalogue with a wide range of personalization accessories.

Cockpit : Comfort and style

Because flying should be fun, LISA Airplanes engineered the AKOYA to be functional. The cockpit was developed by LISA Airplanes’ designers to give ultimate comfort while facilitating flying: a spacious cabin, comfortable and ergonomic seats, designs and materials carefully selected to blend esthetics and comfort in any season.

A panoramic view

For your enjoyment, the AKOYA’s tinted canopy, in front of the wing, gives you a full 180° view, without anything obstructing the sight.

From design to acoustic comfort

The framework of the AKOYA, with its clean lines, was engineered to combine performance, design and acoustic comfort. In addition to its sound suppressor, the engine and transmission unit are placed at the rear of the aircraft, distancing any engine noise and propeller-generated turbulence from the cockpit, making the AKOYA’s interior much quieter than a conventional plane.


Anticipation of obstacles

The panoramic view offered by the Akoya’s canopy facilitates visual flight (the common practice in light aircraft), providing a general view of the airspace around.

An extended range of action

The sleek aerodynamics of the AKOYA makes it insensitive to wind gusts and gives it an excellent lift-to-drag ratio. As a result, in case of engine failure, the pilot has a superior range of action in which to find suitable landing field. In addition, thanks to the Multi-Access technology, the potential landing areas are tripled: water, land or snow.

Equipements to deal with any situation

To keep the pilot safe in even the diciest situations, the AKOYA has the ultimate safety device – a built-in parachute – which will take the passengers and the plane safely to the ground. Finally, all of the AKOYA’s equipment and functions were designed to optimize safety (e.g., an ignition interlock system, position indicators, wing position locking system, etc. ).

An aircraft designed according to the standards of the general aviation!

The AKOYA is designed and manufactured to comply with the European Aviation Safety Agency’s Certification Specification for Very Light Aircraft. As a result, the framework and mechanical components of the AKOYA are made by manufacturers specialized in aviation. Quality control and monitoring of the planes are conducted in LISA Airplanes’ final assembly hangar, ensuring optimal quality and reliability.



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