Planar 3D - Estereoscopios - StereoMirror SD2220W and SD2620W

Best Performing Stereoscopic LCD System

stereomirror-sd2220w-rightPlanar’s StereoMirror product line produces amazing wide-screen 3D images and delivers comfortable, full resolution to both eyes for stunning stereo imaging in 22" and 26" sizes. The wide-screen display offers the largest stereo viewing available, which allows the monitor to be used simultaneously by multiple users. Flicker-free operation allows extended use with without stereo fatigue.

StereoMirror is the gold standard in 3D stereoscopic monitors for applications ranging from geospatial visualization, oil and gas exploration, molecular modeling, 3D product design, medical imaging, simulation and training, and 3D cinema post production.

Unlike other technologies, multiple users can be both sitting and standing and see the same quality image because there is no “sweet spot” anywhere on the screen. Not only is viewing easy for anyone in an ambient-light environment, it’s also comfortable because of the flicker-free operation unlike displays with active shuitter glasses, allows for extended stereo use. 

The 26" is WUXGA (1920x1200) and the 22" is Full HD (1920x1080) resolution, with each eye receiving the full resolution of the display without interlacing or compromise.

Planar’s StereoMirror SD monitors are addressed using several existing stereo modes in Windows, DirectX or OpenGL applications and with a number of commercially available graphics cards. Left eye/right eye information is presented to the correct monitor directly via a DVI interface with no user-supplied hardware or processing. Using the output from the appropriate graphics card, the Planar SD line of monitors includes all the hardware you need to view stereo.

Product Name



Planar Part Number



Display Resolution

1920  x 1080

1920  x 1200

Megapixel Count



3D Technology




Passive linearly polarized

Passive linearly polarized

Pixel Pitch

0.248 (102 lpi)

0.2865 (89 lpi)

Viewable Size

21.6 inch diagonal

25.5 inch diagonal


16 million colors

16 million colors

Stereo Luminance

85 cd/m² (through glasses)

240 cd/m² (through glasses)

Response Time

5 ms (1.3 ms rise, 3.7 ms fall)

12 ms (5.5 ms rise, 6.5 ms fall)

Refresh Rate

56-75 Hz (60 Hz recommended)

60 Hz  

(W x H x D)

23.1" x 20.4" x 24.8"
  (588 mm x 519 mm x 631 mm)

23.5" x 29.7" x 24.7"
  (596 mm x 754 mm x 628 mm)

System Weight

51 lbs. (23 kg)

58 lbs. (26 kg)



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