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Kinemetrics es líder mundial e innovador en el monitoreo de sismos, desarrollador de tecnologías, productos y soluciones de avanzada    

Redes sísmicas, Sistemas integrales de vigilancia ambiental Movimientos fuertes y débilies instrumentación de movimientos   
Solucionesde proyectos para Vigilancia de la salud estructural(puentes, presas, edificios)arrays sísmicos las centrales nucleares de monitoreo sísmico


Digital Recorders


High Dynamic Range Multi-channel Recorder

The Kinemetrics Granite is an advanced, robust, quality-consistent unit, designed for simple installation and maintenance. The Granite and the other Rock family instruments will soon be the ultimate choice for many real-time seismic and structural monitoring networks.

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 Full-featured Central Recording System

The Kinenemetrics Dolomite is a full-featured Central Recording System that offers high dynamic range on up to 36 channels with exemplary timing accuracy and spectral purity. Built on Kinemetrics' Rock platform, Dolomite allows users to develop highly flexible monitoring solutions.

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High Dynamic Range, IP Aware, Communication Centric Accelerograph

The Kinemetrics Basalt is a high dynamic range, IP aware communication centric accelerograph or multi-channel recorder. The Basalt offers greatly enhanced ease of use over existing instruments as many of its functions can be accessed via a web browser.

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 High Dynamic Range Strong Motion Accelerograph

The Kinemetrics Etna is a cost-effective Strong Motion Accelerograph designed to meet a wide range of earthquake monitoring applications. Based on Kinemetrics' Altus technology, the Etna provides superior resolution to meet customer needs in high dynamic range applications, where signal fidelity and data integrity are vital.

The Etna was designed to be easy on your budget while still providing those features most requested by end-users. The standard instrument comes equipped with 3 channels, an internal triaxial EpiSensor Force Balance Accelerometer and a PCMCIA memory card. In additiokn, the Etna offers several optional features including: PCMCIA storage &  communications, networking and GPS timing.

Developed for Microsoft Windows, our QuickTalk® and QuickLook® software provides a user-friendly environment, making system setup, communications and rapid data analysis quick and easy. We also offer a library of DOS support programs for users who wish to customize communications with Kinemetrics' Altus instruments. With the Etna, you are assured of not only getting high quality, cost-effective instrumentation, but also of receiving Kinemetrics' commitment to the success of your projects for decades to come.

General Description
The Etna Strong Motion Accelerograph acquires and records acceleration data with 18 bits of resolution. The standard instrument comes equipped with 3 channels and includes an internal triaxial EpiSensor Force Balance Accelerometer. Data is stored in a removable PCMCIA memory card.. Recorded events can be off-loaded automatically via modem, manually retrieved by PC, or by collecting the PCMCIA memory card. Time history data can then be evaluated for key parameters using Quicklook for Windows or converted to other file formats for further data analysis.

Etna Data Sheet--PDF format


 Upgrade Choice for Global Seismic Networks

The Quanterra Q330HR sets a new performance standard in seismological instrumentation, building upon the widely praised ultra-low-power Q330. The Q330HR breaks the 24-bit performance barrier to extend the capability of advanced instrumentation for research. The Q330HR remains 100% compatible with our Q330. See Q330HR data sheet for a general and functional product description.

Same Exceptional Features as Q330

Multiple Network Access for:

  • Telemetry and Local Recording
  • Internet-Ready Industry Standards
  • Comprehensive Sensor Control
  • Streamlined Remote Administration

High! Resolution

The Q330HR sets a new standard, requiring 26-bit resolution to fully represent its dynamic range. The ‘HR exceeds GSN-class standard set by Quanterra nearly 20 years ago.

Basalt 4X/8X 

High Dynamic Range, IP Aware Communication Centric Multi-channel Recorder

The Kinemetrics Basalt 4X (or 8X) is a high dynamic range, IP aware communication centric multi-channel recorder. The Basalt 4X or 8X offers greatly enhanced ease of use over existing instruments as many of its functions can be accessed via a web browser.

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  Ultra-Low-Power, High Resolution, Network-Aware Seismic Appliance

The Quanterra Q330 is an advanced, low-cost, IP network-aware very low-power 3-6 channel remote broad-band seismic system incorporating Quanterra's leading, proven broad-band technology. The Q330 includes Quanterra’s own patented (US Patent 4866442, Japan Patent 2787445, others pending) ultra-low-power delta-sigma 24-bit A/D, a DSP/RAM module containing 8Mb, a GPS receiver, power conversion, sensor control, and a telemetry management module.


…and Local Recording

The Q330 supports real-time data telemetry to a central site or connection via hard-wire or radio with burst or continuous transmission to a local low-power recording system.

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Advanced, High Resolution, Low-Power Seismic System


The Quanterra Q330S is an advanced 3 or 6 channel broadband, high resolution ultra-low power seismic system incorporating Quanterra's proven IP networking technology and super rugged USB flash recording. The Q330 uses Quanterra’s exclusive patented delta-sigma 24-bit A/D with DSP, and includes 32Mb RAM, GPS receiver, USB recording, power management, sensor command/control, and an advanced telemetry application for reliable data delivery. 

The Q330S supports real-time data telemetry to multiple central sites and simultaneous local recording on rugged USB flash media. The peerless performance of the Quanterra Q330 in the IRIS/USArray program has established an unchallenged reputation for delivery of high quality data.

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 A New Performance Standard in Seismic Instrumentation

The Quanterra Q330HRS breaks the 24-bit performance barrier to extend the capability of advanced instrumentation for research. The Q330HRS remains 100% compatible with our Q330.

 See Q330HRS data sheet for product description. 

Same Exceptional Features as Q330

Packet Baler 44 (PB44 Field)

 Network-aware Rugged Field Recording System for Q330

The Quanterra PB44 Packet Baler is a modular, field-ready high-capacity recording system for the Quanterra Q330 ultralow- power high-resolution seismic data acquisition system.

Using sophisticated power management, and advanced telemetry for reliable data delivery, the PB44 stores up to 32GB of ready-to-use data in internationally-standardized Federation of Digital Seismic Networks MSEED format. The MSEED data are accessible either by simple media removal,or through all-new advanced easy-to-use high-level HTTP and FTP interfaces. 

Deployment Modes

  • FAST FIELD ROTATION: In this mode, the intelligent Baler module is rapidly exchanged – the operation takes about 1 minute. The recovered Baler is then off-loaded in transit to a new site or at a depot, and is prepared for the next deployment. Spares, hardware quality assurance, and rapid data recovery are all achieved in this mode with a small number of units in rotation.


    Simply replace the hot swappable media—no need to shut down the system. Media will failover to alternate when full. The flat MSEED file structure does not require special software to read the files: Linux, Solaris, MS Windows and MacOS can directly read the media.
  • SEMI-PERMANENT TELEMETRY BACKUP: The advanced telemetry capability of the Q330 permits a Baler to be installed on site with the Q330 to record an independent data stream, including any super or subset of data telemetered from the Q330. Data recorded on the Baler may be retrieved through the remote IP link to the Q330. One link: real-time and recorded data! The Q330 supports real-time data telemetry to a central site or connection via hard-wire or radio (burst or continuous) to a local low-power recording system, or both simultaneously.
  • FULLY-REMOTE Q330: BALER AS ROUTER. The PB44F Baler can act transparently as an IP router to handle communications with a Q330 that is accessed only through a radio link. The Baler thus provides recording, Ethernet to radio link conversion, and routing, in one economical, fully integrated package!
  • DATA CENTER: The PB44F Baler design provides a uniquely scalable approach. The easy-to-use powerful HTTP server allows data to be downloaded to a network at up to 400kbyte/s. Data from a 3-month/3-channel, 40sps deployment would be recovered in only 30 minutes. Using a low-cost 10/100 Ethernet switch, data from up to 10 Balers can be recovered simultaneously. Three months of data from 40 units can be recovered in only 3 hrs – with NO processing of intermediate formats. Removable Baler media may be read directly.

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